Common Ground

31 March – 2 April, 2017
in Ljubljana SLO
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, Departement for Social pedagogy and Kulturno društvo Gmajna / 
Social Centre Rog

21 – 23 April, 2017
in Budapest HU
Artemisszio Foundation

12 – 14 Mai, 2017
in Zagreb CRO
Swallow‘s tail Association

"common-ground" (Theatre Labs, Idea and Aim, engl., pdf 500kb)
"common-ground" (Theatre Labs, slovenian version, pdf 350kb)
"common-ground" (Theatre Labs, hungarian version, pdf 450kb

7 – 9 March, 2017

common ground playback

10 – 11 March, 2017

common ground workshop

US and THEM*
Rainbow of Fears and Desires
11 March, 2017

common ground round table

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